“Every client is a priority.  Our meetings are about how to provide effective, quality services to our clients and not about how we can bill more each month.” Nick Davis, Owner


Mr. Davis and Lori his paralegal were absolutely first class handling my divorce. They were fast in expediting the process and provided superior customer service. Mr. Davis knew exactly what he was doing when it came to handling my unique situation and gave me expert advice. I would 100% recommend hiring him to anyone in need of a divorce attorney. Thank you to you Mr. Davis and especially Lori for all you did. Andrea

My experience with Nicolas Davis as my attorney was a very positive one. He proved to be a very trustworthy, insightful attorney while still providing service on a personable level. I would recommend Nicholas because he truly works on his client’s behalf. Former client

Nick handled my emotionally draining divorce with such compassion and understanding. Nick is very knowledgeable; he guided me through the process and was always upfront and honest with me. He genuinely cared about me and my best interest. Lori, his executive assistance is as exceptional as Nick is. I will always come to Nick for any legal matter that I need representation with, and I would not hesitate one second to recommend him to friends, family or anyone as a matter of fact.


Mr. Davis has done a great job handling my very complex case. I couldn’t be more pleased with the honesty, fairness and the aggressiveness. Mr. Davis has focused on the best interest of my child and myself. This firm has a sense of compassion for doing whats right. I couldn’t be more pleased for the professionalism and attention to detail on the way my case has been handled. Thank you Former Client


Just a short note to express my gratification with your work as my attorney.
I really appreciate your expedience and professionalism with the handling of my case. Your honesty has gained my respect and the after hours reports and advisories throughout the preparation process was an absolute plus for me, as my work schedule and location prohibited me from responding to your needed request at normal business hours for most of the preparation.

You and Lori are to be commended for a job well done and I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend you both to someone in need of a reputable and ethical law firm.


Mr. Davis has handled my divorce and other legal matters,and is now handling my out of state child custody, he is the best in Texas. Former Client


I would recommend Mr. Davis, for the way he handled my Divorce case, he was fair, knowledgeable and looked out for my best interests the whole case. My friends have used him and felt the same way and I would continue to.

Former Client


Attorney was very kind at a troubled time in my life. He treated me with respect. He steered me toward and away from certain aspects which is a result of the law and his experience in these cases. He is practical and down-to-earth. Very satisfied with the results.


Mr. Nicholas Davis is an exceptional attorney. He represented me in a difficult child custody issue with a litigation happy ex-husband. He obtained a just settlement in the best interest of my three sons. He was an honest and aggressive advocate on our behalf. I would highly recommend Mr. Davis for any family law matters.

Family Law Client

Nick is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney that I trust and highly recommend. He handled my divorce case in a very equitable manner. He also took the time to explain the legal processes and how best to guard my own assets. I’m very grateful for a job well done!

Former Client

Mr. Davis provided me with estate planning advice and setup a living trust to consolidate benefits from insurance and business interests such that they can be passed on to my children in a controlled manner. Very responsive and knowledgeable, Mr. Davis promptly replied to my questions and was well versed in the complexities of estates consisting of small business interests. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of estate planning advice and services.


Former Client


Nick Davis is representing my husband and me in a custody case regarding my husband’s 2 children from a previous relationship. Nick has provided us with invaluable council; he is very compassionate and understanding of the extremely emotional situation we are dealing with. We are so pleased with the continued concern he has for the well being of our kids and works so hard to help us ensure their safety and happiness. His service has been priceless to us and our family. He is so knowledgeable, very professional, informative, kind and fights with us for our children. We feel his service is invaluable to our family. He is definitely someone you want on your side. We have recommended Nick Davis to numerous friends and family members and he has provided them exceptional service as well.

Family Law Client


Recent Results


$160,000 owed in 941 Taxes. Settled for $35,000.



Tax Client

Felony Burglary of Habitation Charge. Client was also facing Probation Revocation for previous case. Probation was Reinstated and client received Deferred Adjudication on Felony.




Criminal Matter

Denton County, Texas

Assault Family Violence Charge. Client received deferred adjudication on the Assault with no finding of family violence which enabled client to be a Joint Managing Conservator to his children.


Criminal Matter

Collin County, Texas

Client had over $180,000 in consumer debt. Mr. Davis filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Client received a full discharge of the debt and kept all of her property.

– Bankruptcy Client



Bankruptcy Matter

$250,000 owed in Federal Income Taxes. Result: IRS Removed Lien from Homestead, stopped Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies and Tax Debt was settled for $70,000 and house was allowed to be sold with Client receiving all remaining proceeds




Tax Client

Represented father pursuing primary custody of child in a Divorce matter.  Wife alleged physical abuse on the part of our client and alluded to in appropriate conduct with the child on the part of dad.  Through cross examination wife was discredited and our Client obtained primary custody and mother was ordered to pay child support and received only the Standard Possession Schedule.



Divorce Matter

Denton County, TX

2nd Degree Felony Charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  Client received 4 Years Deferred Adjudication.  Case is now eligible to be dismissed upon successful completion of community supervision.




Criminal Matter

Collin County, Texas

Client previously lost custody of her child to father.  A modification suit was filed and client won primary custody of the child a year later.




Family Law Client

Collin County, TX

Father was in a bitter custody suit with a mother that had primary custody of a child for approximately 7 years.  Mother lived in Dallas County. Nicholas A. Davis represented father and filed the case in Collin County.  Defeated mother’s attempts to remove the case to Dallas County and father was awarded primary custody of the child.



Family Client

Collin County, TX