An Uncontested Divorce

At the onset of a divorce proceeding, many individuals believe that they are in agreement with their spouse in all aspects, but oftentimes they learn they are not. An agreed divorce means the spouses agree on the following:

1) The division of assets (house, furniture, cars, real estate, other household furnishings, etc.)

2) The division and assumption of liabilities (credit card debt, mortgage, medical bills, etc.)

3) The possession (visitation) and access schedule with their children

4) The amount of child support and medical support to be paid (in most cases, child support is determined by statute.)

5) Which spouse will establish the primary residence of the children

An agreed divorce would exist if all of these elements were agreed to prior to the filing of a petition for divorce. An agreed divorce can be relatively inexpensive. Yet, much of the expense is determined by the size of the marital estate that is to be divided.